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Our company, ZippandMoses™ farms and foods enterprise is duly registered by the cooperate Affairs Commision of the Federal government of Nigeria under the company and allied matters ACT 1990, with registration number BN 3591303. The enterprise is solely owned by ZippandMoses™. We focus on solving the challenges of providing food and meat to the increasing Nigerian population.
ZippandMoses™ food & Butchery is established to sell, market, and manage our products. The store is being managed and directed by a Veteran butcher with many years of experience in butchering business together with an experienced retail food service manager that has served as the company's Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Vhief Operation Officer (COO) respectively.

ZippanMoses Food & Butchery will sell full grown matured beef and upon request , we will supply Goat and Ram meat. ZippandMoses™ Food & Butchery is a specialty butcher shop which seeks to serve the highest quality meats, meeting customer's specifications.
  • Aged Beef
  • Goat Meat
  • Roast Beef
  • Bush Animals (Roasted and Unroasted)
  • Cow Hide (Ponmo)
  • Yam Tubers
  • Yam Flour
  • Fresh Tomatoes and Pepper
  • Ram Meat
Healthy Animals will be slaughtered and butchered in the store by trained butchers under the watch of health workers. Goods are delivered while FRESH. Customers may place orders for a whole animal and have it slaughtered, butchered and cut to your specification by our trained men. We will then deliver it to you at home, in School, Office or wherever you desire it. Note however, that ZippandMoses™ Food & Butchery is set up to give you price advantage and a unique shopping experience. ZippandMoses™ Food & Butchery will provide the following products on a regualar basis;
  • Aged Beef (Fresh and Roasted)
  • Goat Meat (Fresh and Roasted)
  • Bush ANimals (Roasted/SMoked) on Request
  • Cow ide (Ponmo)
  • Garri (Bags)
  • Yam (Tubers)
  • Yam Flour (Bags)
  • Ram Meat
ZippandMoses™ Food & Butchery is a specialty butcher shop which seeks to serve the highest quality meats, cut to customer specifications, and become the foremost specialty meats provider in the major south West cities of Nigeria.

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